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Luth Productions is a San Clemente, California based video production company specializing in outdoor and travel lifestyle commercials and documentaries. We started out as one guy with a camera who wanted to make films for a living, pulling together what little he could from a house of college roommates in Vancouver, British Columbia. Years later that dream became a reality and would take him south to the beautiful land of Orange County, CA. Since then, we’ve grown into a team of directors, producers and cinematographers all driven by the passion for telling stories that align with our love for the great outdoors, and our spirit of wanderlust. We exist to produce projects at the highest level of excellence that contributes to the outdoor community in Southern California and all over the world. 

Conception | Writing | Producing

Editing | Color | Sound | Animation

Content Creation | Page Management


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I’ve worked with many production companies as a film maker and I can tell you that Luth productions has been my best experience. The quality of cinematography and storytelling is clear for anyone to see, but what makes them stand out is their humility. They are so easy to work with and are in the business to serve people and create beautiful work, not just make a buck. You should hire them!

Ryan Miller - Founder, Share The Struggle


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